Modern Warfare 3 looks to spice up Multiplayer




By now, we should be used to seeing a new Call of Duty game every fall. We should be equally used to the fact that each installment is basically making fairly minor changes to a formula that has proven to be very effective at selling games. Modern Warfare 3 is looking to make the most significant changes since Infinity Ward’s previous installment, Modern Warfare 2. Let’s take a look at what changes we can expect.

The most significant change appears to be MW3 moving away from killstreaks and now using “pointstreaks.” These use the same idea as killstreaks, but you are now rewarded for completing objectives and not only killing. Kills will most likely still be the primary form of earning points, but maybe this will result in players in Domination or Capture the Flag caring a little more about the objective and less about their kill-to-death ratio. Overall, this appears to be a positive change in the game, but I can also see players looking for an easy extra point pushing into enemy territory on Domination and changing the spawns, which could have negative consequences if the player’s team is using the spawns to their advantage.

I can’t really discuss pointstreaks without talking about the rewards. These have also significantly changed from any previous installments, primarily in the form of strike packages. There are three strike packages: Assault, Support, and Specialist. If you’re looking to rack up the kills, Assault is the strike package for you. Helicopters, airstrikes, and juggernaut suits are just a few of the options in Assault. The name of the Support strike package says it all. You will help your team with advanced UAVs, EMPs, and SAM turrets while using Support. The Specialist strike package is there for the lone wolves. Rewards from Specialist won’t help your team since kills will activate more perks, until you unlock them all at eight kills.

Infinity Ward also promises some interesting new gametypes, most prominently the new Kill Confirmed mode. In Kill Confirmed, you must run over dog tags dropped by killed players in order to score points for your team. The enemy can pick up dog tags from their own fallen, effectively denying you points. This will add a new level of strategy to the traditional Team Deathmatch mentality. Since enemies will know that you will be trying to capture dog tags of the recently fallen, you will need to ensure that you aren’t walking into a trap. MW3 also sports an improved selection of custom gametypes, including Halo-esque Infection and Juggernaut games. There’s been no word about the ability to save customized rule sets for private matches, but this would also make custom games a more attractive option.

Infinity Ward seems to be using all the player feedback and statistical observations it has to attempt to make the most refined Call of Duty to date. And while the changes aren’t as extreme as those introduced by MW2, these changes should make a significant difference in the overall multiplayer experience.

For more information about weapons, perks, and pointstreaks in Modern Warfare 3, please visit this fan-made site:

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