Darksiders II trailer gets deadly

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For those of you who missed the first game, Darksiders took the best (and some of the frustrating) elements of God of War and The Legend of Zelda and tossed in a dash of Biblical prophecy to create a romping chimera of a game. You played as War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, set loose on Earth to cleanse the unworthy humans from the planet. The problem was that he came too soon (har har) and was forced by the council to rectify his mistake. War then takes the battle to those who tricked him and started the cleansing prematurely, finding that he’d been a pawn in a much bigger scheme cooked up by some overzealous angels. By the end, War has defied the council and earned the wrath of Heaven’s armies. So what is he to do? Call his brothers of course, and that is where Darksiders II, and this new trailer, takes off.

As cool as War was, Death looks pretty badass and has sort of an emo Skeletor thing going on. There’s not much action to see here, but if the first game was the springboard for the series I imagine it to be, then we can expect to see a whole lot of scythe slinging action and soul reaping. Also, I’m glad that they changed around the roster of the horsemen a bit, since each sequel looks like it will feature a new rider. I mean, what would Pestilence do anyway? Walk around and sneeze on people?

The game is scheduled to arrive some time in the Summer of 2012, hopefully before Earth explodes.

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  1. Hard to tell much about the game from the trailer. Good review. Interesting how Bible prophecy pops up in so many places.

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