Highlighting Different Character Classes in Skyrim



Please enjoy our new The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video. In this video I tackle a dungeon with two different characters to demonstrate two different play styles. If you want to try it out for yourself, speak to Jaree-Ra in Solitude and follow his quest line.

I’m only showing one dungeon here, since its extremely short but shows a variety of different situations that being stealthy can take advantage of. You’ll find these types of situations in many dungeons/towers/missions throughout the game.

Character #1: Nord warrior with high heavy armor and one handed weapons skills. Also some points in armor and enchanting so I can make my own weapons/armor and then add some very helpful effects, such as the fire damage on the axe. I also have pretty high alchemy after making so many potions

Character #2: Khajiit with 100 pickpocket, high sneak and archery skills, a few points in light armor and one handed weapons. I have the gear from the thieve’s guild quest, but not any from the Dark Brotherhood as I recorded this. Those DB gloves would have helped a lot!

Leave a comment with your character setup/play style or any you think would be fun to see. I’m considering three new character builds just from talking about this video!

A couple of notes: I would love to show more characters sweeping this cave but unfortunately I am playing on Xbox 360 instead of PC so I can’t instantly create a variety of characters for the task. Also, each of these characters are approximately level 30 and the dungeon seems to have scaled up some of the NPCs but not all of them.

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