Reddit users learn to block Xbox Live ads



With the new Xbox Live dashboard update came a strange new addition, advertisements. While I can completely understand including ads in the PSN, which is free, I was a little annoyed at being forced to look at ads while paying for Xbox Live. Fortunately, I wasn’t alone and a few more technically savvy gamers found a way to disable the ads. These gamers worked together to release two work-arounds on Reddit. One involves blocking the ad server by manipulating your router settings – assuming that it supports it. Another method is to reroute your traffic with the free OpenDNS service. Both are kind of complicated and could potentially create other problems and while I’m a little unhappy about the ads, I’m not going to try to do either one. As Zach King, one of our Web Developers said about me, “You know just enough to be dangerous, and not in a good way.”


  1. Perhaps those who dislike the ads can deluge the advertisers with requests for a close tab on the ads?

  2. The ads don’t bother me that much i don’t see the big deal there just trying to advertise

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