The Great Steam Holiday Sale



Screw the stocking stuffers this year and grab yourself some ridiculously cheap games instead. The holiday specials on Steam have just arrived, with deals that would make Santa blush if his cheeks weren’t already so rosy (as if it was just from being so jolly). For the next 14 days you can save up to 75% off on select titles in the rotating daily selection of 12 games, and up to 90% on publisher packs, which include every single damn game the company has to offer on this platform. There is also a rotating set of six objectives each day, consisting of Steam Achievements that can win you games and other prizes instantly. Finally, the contest will conclude with a grand prize that nets one lucky user every single game on Steam, with a second prize of your top 10 wishlist items for 50 people, the top five wishlist items for 100 people, and the complete Valve pack for 1,000 people.  So if there are any of you out there who have thought about getting Steam but haven’t, now’s the perfect time to visit for the free download to jumpstart your holiday spirit. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts.


p.s. Any of my relatives reading this who haven’t gotten me anything for Christmas yet, this would be a good place to start!

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