Bethesda reveals Dishonored and describing it is difficult




Bethesda recently revealed their new title, Dishonored and describing it is incredibly difficult. Usually, I can give you a combination of titles to give you a sense of what the gameplay is close to, but this one is pretty hard.

From the statements made by Bethesda, it seems like Dishonored is a mash-up of several different kinds of gameplay. There is some first-person gameplay where you climb from rooftop to rooftop planning your approach kind of like Mirror’s Edge or a first-person Assassin’s Creed. There is some sci-fi elements reminiscent of Half-Life 2 and some abilities similar to Bioshock along with some first-person shooting elements as well.

The abilities sound the most interesting. Most of you may not remember the game Geist from the GameCube, where you possessed people and animals and then used their abilities, but possessing someone or something appears to be a legitimate tactic especially when paired with other abilities. Bethesda has said that one interesting way to kill an enemy is to have them shoot at you, freeze time, possess them, then move them around in front of his own bullet and unfreeze time. In essence your enemy shoots himself. This sounds very confusing, but very interesting.

On a side-note I wanted to point out Dishonored has one of my favorite slogans, “Revenge solves everything”. I’m just a normal guy who enjoys revenge.


  1. It sounds like it could incorporate some of the elements of Psi-Ops, and if that is true then it is a must have. That game was so fun simple because it gave you all of the telepathic powers you ever wanted all wrapped up in one game. The best part was that you weren’t limited to using just one at a time once you had them all. They were completely interchangeable and you could use one right after the other if you wanted.

    • Damn, I like the environment, Steam punk, auothlgh different from what we’re use to seeing, as far as I can see. New ideas are always welcome.Dark Messiah was a game with a lot of potential, it wasn’t that great, but it was pretty decent for a Source based RPG, I’m hoping this will be an open world game, not sure what it will be based on, my gut tells me they’ll use iD tech 5 engine like with Brink, if it’s like they show in the trailer, but if it’s open worlded they might go with the Creation Engine from Skyrim, auothlgh as we saw with Rage iD tech 5 can also handle big environments, it was just really linear despite it’s open world.VN:R_U [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

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