Jim Sterling completely disagrees with Dan Hoyt



Yes, I have seen the Jimquisition on The Escapist in which Jim Sterling completely disagrees with me on the subject of the debate over changing the Mass Effect 3 ending. I stand by my original article and my original stance on the subject. Yes, he makes some valid points and I do have a lot of respect for him, but my original article still stands and I still disagree. I still think the biggest issue that could come out of changing the ending is that for a few years, developers and publishers would be afraid to take risks on endings that might not be exactly what their fans expect. Gamers will feel that if they simply throw a big enough tantrum then an ending will be changed. There is a certain amount of satisfaction that you feel when a story ends just as you predicted and everyone is happy since everyone and everything has been saved. There is much more complexity and introspection when an ending is not perfect, but has flaws. Sometimes the protagonist even dies.

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