BBC does segment on harassment in video games




Heads Up! Due to the adult nature of this discussion it contains profanity.

The BBC World Service recently did an excellent report on harassment in video games, in which they specifically discussed misogynistic attitudes on Xbox Live. While other games and gaming services were mentioned, Xbox Live and Call of Duty were focused on. From personal experience, I can completely agree that the Call of Duty series on Xbox Live has the highest amount of douchbaggery I’ve ever encountered. Switching from playing COD to Assassin’s Creed is night and day and I’ve never thought about muting anyone while playing Assassin’s Creed. In fact, I’m not even sure how to. I’m certain I could figure it out, it’s just never come up before.

The segment about video games starts at 16:00 and is worth the time.

According to Grace, one of the founding members of, which focuses on the issue, “There is a plethora of stupidity of what women receive in online games.” Her solution was to call out those who do the harassment, “If we start all tearing down the people who are trying to tear others down in these sexual or threatening ways, then they will learn that they don’t have anybody on their side.” She also pointed out the perception that reporting these remarks is a waste of time.

The segment also mentions Penny Arcade‘s Extra Credits, which has been discussing the issue with Microsoft to try and creatively come up with a solution to harassment over Xbox Live. I’ve personally always agreed with John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory and would like to cite its relevance here.

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