Diablo 3 player claims to have made over 10K through auction house




One Diablo 3 player posted on Sunday that he or she has made over $10,000 through the game’s Real Money Auction House, while this is unconfirmed and the post was made anonymously, it shows that Blizzard’s introduction of real money into the game is becoming incredibly popular. The Real Money Auction House allows players to sell their in-game items for real cash.

The author has posted screenshots of PayPal transactions as proof and is claiming that the transactions average around $1,600 per week. The author of the post said he or she got involved in gaming economics around 10 years ago while trading Neopets and is now in school for a business degree. “I am now studying business at a good university. I hope to consult with game companies someday about balancing the economies of their games.”

The author did stress the importance of not cheating either through exploits or trying to scam people for money as many transactions came from returning customers who were happy with their service. This gamer said he or she trades in stocks during the day, but I’m glad to see someone is benefiting from the system Blizzard set up. It would be awesome if someone would bring this person on as a consultant for their in-game economy since this is a new concept that has a great deal of potential to change the way many games operate.


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